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Tutor Job Description

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Literacy Volunteer. One out of five adults in Fulton, Montgomery, and Schoharie Counties read at or below the fifth grade level. You can help someone meet the challenge of a literate society by becoming a volunteer tutor. Literacy New York - Fulton, Montgomery, and Schoharie Counties offers workshops to prepare you to work one-to-one with an adult learner who needs assistance with reading, writing, speaking English, and GED prep.

  • Attend all sessions of the tutor training workshop (spread out over several weeks) and complete the required homework.
  • Tutor an adult learner for one to two hours a week.
  • Tutors are required to assess their learners progress periodically, both formally and informally, and to submit reports noting the results and progress towards goals, new goals set, hours spent tutoring and in preparation, materials used and other information. You will be acquainted with our reporting procedures in the workshop. This is an extremely important aspect of being a tutor. The information you provide is reported to our funding sources and ensures our future role in the fight against illiteracy.
  • Report any changes regarding the status of your match to the office.
  • Attend at least one additional workshop per year. Supplemental training workshops provide an opportunity for tutors to meet each other and explore some issues of tutoring in greater depth.
  • Encourage your learner to take steps toward personal freedom through literacy.

Tutor Eligibilty Policy

1. To be eligible for tutor training, a candidate must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be able to speak and understand English well enough to communicate clearly;
  • demonstrate reading ability of at least a 12th grade level;
  • be able to see well enough, given optimum lighting conditions and assisted devices needed (magnifying screens, large print, etc.) to differentiate characters on the printed page;
  • for the safety of learners, have no record of any sex offense or violent crimes;
  • complete the tutor intake form.

2. To be certified as a tutor and be eligible for initial placement with a learner, candidates must:

  • demonstrate the desire to teach by participating in and successfully completing a training of 9 hours.
  • demonstrate the ability to attend to task for at least 60 minutes;
  • demonstrate behavior appropriate to working one on one with a learner, which excludes such behavior as:
    • insensitivity and disrespect toward others
    • use of offensive language
    • disruptive loud behavior
    • harassment (any behavior perceived to be offensive, after being asked to stop)
    • disregard for personal hygiene
    • possession of a weapon or threatening behavior
    • attendance at literacy activities under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • accept the LNY- Fulton, Montgomery, and Schoharie Counties, Inc. policy of non-discrimination by agreeing to comply with the mission and policies of the organization;
  • sign the confidentiality statement.